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A foolproof guide to picking your Byron Bay wedding musician

Selecting your wedding music is one of the most exciting parts of bringing together your special day. It sets the mood from the very beginning as your guests arrive, to walking down the aisle, cocktail hour, and those good vibes right on the dance-floor. No doubt that deciding the type of music and who will play it is actually going to be one of your hardest wedding planning decisions. It’s also important to secure talent that is a dream to work with and prioritises in making your day as seamless as possible. We work alongside the following musicians/entertainment groups that tick every box and can hit every note! Read on and take a listen.

What services do you offer? Do you have a particular package you recommended to couples?

Niall Lochhead: I offer a bespoke live acoustic music experience that creates the perfect soundtrack to your wedding day. When the sun sets, I’ve got you covered with DJ hits to fill the dance floor. From experience, I would recommend acoustic music to compliment a beautiful ceremony and chilled afternoon cocktails perfectly. After dinner a DJ set is essential to ensure your guest’s party all night.

Tom Francis: I’m a live music specialist, so I’m the guy you want if you’re looking for something standout in the live music department. I play with an acoustic guitar and a stompbox (kick pedal) to create a bigger sound. I just work to a half-hourly rate (after the first 2 hours) so couples can book the time they need.

Tom Francis

Upon A Moment: We offer a range of different musicians who can play solo, duo, or as a 3-5 piece band. Our most popular package is our Live Music + DJ package, which includes live music for your ceremony and canapés, followed by a DJ for dancing later in the night.

Danny Dyson – Upon A Moment

Michael Eotvos: I offer live music throughout the whole day, DJ services, and MC services.

Michael Eotvos

DJ Scradley: The DJ’s biggest job at a wedding reception is to get the party started and keep the people on the floor! However I also love weaving together all kinds of stylish vibing tunes through the earlier parts of the reception, so I have a Dance Party Package and an add-on option of a post-ceremony DJ set which ensures smooth music transitions for the entire reception.

My mad ‘DANCE PARTY PACKAGE’ works well following on from an acoustic performer. So couples can have live acoustic music through the cocktails and then I mix tunes and set the vibe right for the dance party DJ set that is to follow. I include dance floor lighting to create that party atmosphere the minute the beat drops. I also include a nice long warm-up DJ set prior to the first dance/dance party to get the vibe going… Then there is the ‘POST CEREMONY ARVO VIBES DJ SET’, which is all about the good energy and flow from start to finish. This is the add-on that gives your party the perfect music vibe from the post-ceremony cocktails right through to the final dance party moments.

Luke Yeaman Music: I tailor all of my packages to suit your individual needs. Whether it’s a solo, duo, trio or DJ you’re after, I create a music service that covers all your requests.

In general, I would say that most couples would gravitate towards the Full Day Package. This includes music throughout Ceremony, Canapés & DJ music. However, this can all be tailored to whatever you want to make your day special.

Luke Yeaman Music

The Wedding DJ: As a DJ I can play from the get go from the ceremony through to the end of night.

Brad StoneI offer both live musical performance and DJ’ing. I provide all required sound equipment and can easily move from one spot to another throughout the day.

North Coast Entertainment: We offer a range of artists and DJs for all parts of the day. From acoustic soloists and duos through to 3 and 4-piece bands. Some artists even give the opportunity to change the line-up including different instrument options. We also have one of the best line ups of DJs in the area.

By far our most popular option is the Full Day – Duo+DJ option. In this package, we cram as much music into the day as possible! There’s acoustic music as people are arriving, live music throughout the ceremony, over canapés/drinks and into dinner. Then when the formalities are done, we get the dance floor bouncing with the DJ until curfew. It’s a no brainer! We supply all the necessary equipment plus lights, so it takes the worry out of covering music for the day, as we do it all!

North Coast Entertainment – J Tones Duo

Coastal Beats DJ: We are made up of some of the best DJ’s in the Byron Bay area. Between us, we’ve performed at most of Australia’s biggest festivals including Falls, Splendour, Big Day Out, Sydney Festival, Woodford, Blues & Roots, Pyramid and Vivid. Plus venues like The Sydney Opera House, The MCG, The Melbourne Concert Hall and countless bars and clubs around the country!  

For weddings and other events we provide an awesome DJ, amazing sound system and dance floor lighting.  Leading up to the event, clients can log in to our site to make music requests (or even create full playlists) and organise other event details to ensure it all goes smoothly on the big day. We generally recommend a minimum 4 hour DJ set in the evening to get the party going, but we also love to get involved in the ceremony and have battery powered sound systems that are great for outdoor ceremony locations. 

Scott Day-Vee A combination of live and DJ performance with many add ons such as live saxophone, violin and lead guitar. In its simplest form, our services include Scott as your acoustic soloist during your ceremony and canapés, then Scott as your DJ for dinner and dancing.  More elaborate performances include a violinist with Scott during your ceremony, an acoustic duo for canapés, a jazz trio over dinner and a 3 or 4 piece party band with DJ sets after dinner.

Sarah ArcherThe most important thing to me is that the wedding guests and the wedding party have the most memorable and enjoyable experience possible. For me to do this, I really have to explore the couples true wants and needs. We’re not redoing this day, so I like to manage the detail to make sure everything musical is exactly as it should be. Over the years I’ve layered more and more experience onto my work so that now I can be as smooth operationally as I aim to be musically. I perform solo or as a duo, primarily as a live acoustic musician. During the ceremony I play 3 songs; Aisle Song, Signing Song and Exit Song, these are played live acoustically and if I don’t already know them, I’ll happily learn them. If people are having trouble finding the perfect songs to be played live, I can help with that process. When it’s time to speed things up a little, I become a DJ, intuitively playing the kind of music people cannot help but move to.

Sarah Archer

The White TreeWe offer live music/DJs from ceremony right through until a pumping dance floor. We have a variety of musicians, from a soloist up to a 9 piece band. 

J & A Events: Our service options are many and varied. We have a whole team – The JANDA Fam – of seriously rad soloists. And many of them play together (like a happy family should) and can form duos, trios and more-o’s! And all of our soloists are equipped and ready to switch to ‘DJ mode’ when your day calls for it.

As the Jake & Andy duo we created the ‘Celebrant + Soundtrack’ to make your wedding-planning journey easier [lock your celebrant & musician(s) down in one convenient booking], and your wedding day as smooth and successful as possible [thanks to these two core elements being on the same page and working together]. Of course, we’ve always offered the options of ‘music only’. But we still like to refer to it as your ‘Wedding Soundtrack’, ‘cause we put loads of effort into asking the right questions and planning a seamless, non-stop vibe of your day (rather than simply plotting out ‘x’ number of 40min sets).

Renee Simone – Byron Bay Experience: I offer the full package from acoustic ceremony to live duo over canapés, full band over dinner and a live band party set after dinner. I then jump on the decks to bring it home with your party DJ set till the end of the night. 

How would you describe your style of music? 

Niall Lochhead: I am a folk/rock lover at heart and this is reflected in my acoustic style which allows me to create the perfect ambience during the emotional moments of your day and to pick up the tempo in the afternoon. 

Tom Francis: I have a soulful and chilled style that has been described as ‘David Gray meets Damien Rice’. I can also play with more upbeat energy and can take your wedding up until the dance floor section.

Upon A Moment: We offer unique, professional and engaging musicians across a range of different music genres – from acoustic folk/pop to string quartets, Brazilian bands, jazz trios and more.

Milo Green – A Moment

Michael Eotvos: My style is very much John Mayer meets Ed Sheeran meets Jack Johnson.

Michael Eotvos

DJ ScradleyTasty tunes with grooves that get you moving.  I’m always reading the crowd and feeling the overall music energy of the night to create a journey for the dancers. Feeling the moment with the people in the room I’ll be trusting my instincts as to what to play next.  I read the crowd and make it up as I go. I mix tunes creatively in a way that is high energy and slick to create that momentum and climax that only comes from an epic DJ set.  Style wise, I offer funk, soul, disco, hip hop, retro, indie-dance, future bass, house and other EDM styles. Most uniquely, I spin funky remixes of the classic tunes that everybody loves to hear at a wedding. I’ve come up with my own DJ style for weddings that fits better than the club DJ style yet I don’t really do the typical ‘wedding DJ jukebox request guy’ style of thing… I approach weddings as if they were super fun house parties… but appropriately classy and memorable! I’m all about playing really tasty tunes, creating good vibes and pumping dance floors. Of course, weddings aren’t just house parties so I treat them like the most well-planned, special, most fun, best day of your life!

Luke Yeaman Music: I would describe my sound as acoustic Indie-Folk with a leaning towards the beauty of the acoustic guitar. In today’s world, an artist isn’t as limited by a genre as they once were, so I love to weave a variety of styles and artistic influences into my sound, ranging from Folk, to RnB, Jazz, Pop and Country.

I believe all music has its place. I really enjoy crafting re-interpretations of modern and classic songs, making them both foot-tapping and emotionally stirring.

The Wedding DJComing from DJ’ing in a nightclub, I read the crowd and play what will keep the dance floor going including your parents and grandparents. Check-out some of my playlists here.

Brad StoneI would describe my music as a slower, romantic feeling inspired mostly by jazz and some more intimate folk. 

North Coast Entertainment: Depending on the artist you choose, we are all stylistically different. We cover pretty much every genre of music you can think of in one way or another. There’s a rock/folk/soul/blues artist. There’s a coastal folk/pop/blues/Brazilian artist. There’s a folk/gypsy/blues artist, so there’s plenty to choose from! When it comes to our DJs, your imagination is the only thing stopping you!

North Coast Entertainment – Luke & Sebastian

Coastal Beats DJWe seriously love all sorts of music and definitely try to mix things up. The best feeling in the world is when you see kids, grandparents and everyone in between getting down on the dance floor together! But of course, the most important thing is for us to get a feel for the unique tastes of the couple so that we can tailor the sets around their favourite songs and create lots of special moments throughout the night. 

Coastal Beats DJ

Scott Day-VeePredominately lean towards a coastal folk chill style with a dash of soul plus many nostalgic hits to satisfy a diverse audience.  However after 20 years of performing and over 300 songs in the repertoire…Scott can pretty much cover anything!

Sarah ArcherI play a wide range of music that caters to the young and young at heart. I’m slight ‘singer/songwriter’, slightly pop, easy to listen to, and complementary to the day rather than commanding attention. I have a recording artist background, travelling the world writing, performing and chasing my dream. For me now, chasing the dream is all about being home with my family and helping people have their dream wedding day.

The White TreeWe’re dance floor legends! We pride ourselves on our energetic live shows, versatile configurations, entertaining showcases, and a varied repertoire to keep every punter happy. At one gig, we’ll be performing funk and soul with a brass section, and at the next gig we’ll be belting out tracks by Tay Tay, The Stones, The Killers, Billie Eilish … and everything in between!

Our musicians and DJs are based primarily in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and the beautiful Byron Bay.  However we perform all around the world, and love to travel wherever the party’s at.
The White Tree

J & A Events: If we had to come up with an adjective that fit well as a description for the whole Fam, it would have to be ‘real’. As in genuine raw, and alive – just like the love you’re celebrating. For us, on your wedding day, there’s no editing software, or filters, or re-shoots… so we’re not into sharing or promoting touched-up and produced clips of our artists. We aim to keep it ‘real’ – always. Each artist is experienced, talented, and has his/her/their own sound and style, and you can decide which most tickles your fancy and suits the vibe you’re going for. The common threads, however, that bind The JANDA Fam are flexibility, professionalism, and a willingness to accommodate. Oh yeah, and mad skillz.

Renee Simone – Byron Bay Experience: I love all music so any style you ask for I can create a set list to suit. I play all styles from jazz to party covers and everything in between. 

Will you learn songs outside of your repertoire to personalise a couples wedding music? How many?

Niall Lochhead: I love learning songs outside of my repertoire for my wedding couples, it makes the music more meaningful and unique for the individual couple and at the end of the day that is what I’m here to do. When it comes to how many new songs, I believe in quality over quantity. I pride myself in performing each song to the highest standard which can take hours of practice, therefore I usually limit the number of new songs to 3 (aisle song, signing song, exit song or first dance). 

Niall Lochhead

Tom Francis: I’m able to learn 2 songs especially for a wedding and they will be unique and one-off versions.

Tom Francis

Upon A Moment: Yes, our Ceremony Live Music bookings include learning 2-3 songs of your choice + 1 for your reception.

Dan Clark – Upon A Moment

Michael Eotvos: Absolutely. I offer to couples that I can learn up to 3 songs for their day free of charge. 

Milo Green – Upon A Moment

DJ ScradleyYes, couples will remember their wedding day forever and memories can be so deeply in-printed with music. In my prep I’ll add stacks of new material. If I like them all and think they might fit the party I’ll add up to 50 songs to my library! Then it’s just a matter of how the night plays out as to how many of them get played. If they all fit the moment I’ll probably play them alI. In the lead up I ask couples to share a general playlist of music they love. This gives me insight into their taste as I hunt for new tunes or a tasteful remix etc. I also ask couples to narrow down and select 3-5 all time favourite dance floor tunes! These are for me to get creative with, prioritise or keep up my sleeve for a big crucial moment on the dance floor… I love the challenge of weaving in some obscure selection knowing it means something to the bride and groom!

DJ Scradley

Luke Yeaman Music: I think it’s essential to learn the desired requests from the couple, especially if it’s for the ceremony or a live performance of the first dance. This simple gesture only serves to create a more unique and a special moment in time they won’t forget. 

Luke Yeaman Music

The Wedding DJI will always take requests on or before the day there is no limit!

Brad Stone: I am happy to learn two of your favourite songs to accompany you down the aisle, during your first dance or any other special moments you may have in mind. I like to spend a rather large amount of my time rehearsing these to ensure they’re the best they can be, hence only the two. If you want one or two more, we can make it work!

North Coast Entertainment: We pride ourselves in being able to cover ‘almost’ any song you throw at us. If it’s a little out of our genre range, we can do an acoustic arrangement that’s both true to the artist and the moment. For our Full Day packages, we can learn up to 2 songs for the day, whether that be for the ceremony of your first dance.

North Coast Entertainment – Fernando

Coastal Beats DJOne of our main priorities leading up to each gig is to track down all of the important requested songs that will make the night special – no matter how rare or hard to find.

Scott Day-Vee:Yes, happy to learn songs outside our repertoire and usually don’t need to know what they are until 2 weeks before.

Sarah ArcherAbsolutely, and I do regularly. There is little that is more satisfying than having the pleasure of doing a version of a special song for a special day. You can find some videos of my music here!

The White TreeYes we are fine to learn, if we don’t already know 3 x songs for the ceremony and the bridal dance. You can also select requests from our extensive song list and include preferred genres and artists. 

J & A Events: We’re absolutely happy to learn specific songs for your day, and usually do. Obviously, we can’t possibly learn 7hrs of new music, so we prioritise your day’s ‘big moments’. Most prominent are your aisle walk, signing and first dance. We also ask loads of questions about your broader musical tastes (your guests’ too!) and aim to create a soundtrack that truly represents you; your life and loved ones; the love you’re celebrating. If we can’t manage to learn the song that you and your besties used to belt out when you first got your license, then we’ll definitely make sure it gets spun during the DJ set.

Renee Simone – Byron Bay Experience: We love learning new songs. In general, we offer one live song request and all other songs I will play during the DJ sets over dinner or during the party set. We can learn more songs by negotiation. 

Renee Simone – Byron Bay Experience

How do you structure your set timings across the entire day into the evening?

Niall Lochhead: I am flexible with the structure of the day as each wedding is different, but in general my full day package starts with a 15 minute set pre-ceremony to welcome guests which naturally flows into performing the ceremony songs. After the ceremony there is usually a 2 or 3 hour period of cocktails and canapés during which time I play a 45 minute set for each hour (15 minute break between sets). From experience I find a playlist works best during dinner as it then flows into first dance and DJ music for the remainder of the evening.

Tom Francis: I’m happy to work with couples around the run sheet for the day but generally I play for 45mins and take a 15min break.

Tom Francis

Upon A Moment: Our entire day package is flexible but generally consists of a solo or duo artist playing instrumental for 10-20 minutes while guests arrive and then playing 2-3 of your specially chosen songs throughout the ceremony. Following this, the musician can play 2 or 3 x 45-minute sets over canapés before the DJ sets up to get the dance floor pumping for your reception. We tailor our packages and music sets to suit each individual couple, venue and wedding timeline. 

Miss Amber & Stukulele – Upon A Moment

Michael Eotvos: I like to keep playing live throughout the whole day until after the first dance. I normally I will go 45 minutes to 1 hour at a time and then take a short 10-15 min break (to rest my voice), then straight back on again. But I like to mold as best I can around the formalities of the day. Normally after the first dance I would switch over and become the DJ for the party end of the night. For that I ‘mon with no breaks until it finishes. 

Michael Eotvos

DJ ScradleyIt’s a music journey with smooth transitions all day. The party doesn’t stop until curfew so I make sure the music doesn’t stop either. Having no awkward silence is key to a smooth day. I like to work closely with their MC so when he finishes announcing something I’m ready to smoothly fade the music back in. If I’m sharing the gig with an acoustic artist, I’m ready to take over when they play their last tune, or after the applause. When I’m booked for the Post Ceremony Arvo Vibes DJ set, and it’s in a different location, I work in with the wedding coordinator to figure out when is the best time to make my move so I can be as swift and discreet as possible. I’ll keep the music playing via a set I’ve recorded. The whole day benefits when the reception music is smoothly mixed, vibing and grooving from start to end.

Luke Yeaman Music: In general, I work off the standard of 45-minute sets for live music and one hour for DJ sets. However, one of the key assets I have learnt over the years performing at weddings is the value of being flexible.

Naturally, there is always a run sheet and an idea of timings, but often these require slight revision throughout the day. Ultimately, the most important thing to do is stay flexible and allow the flow of the celebration to dictate the music. 

Luke Yeaman Music

The Wedding DJI work with the couple to find out where and when they would like their songs played and I also talk with their wedding coordinator.

Brad Stone: I tend to usually do about 3 x 45-minute sets throughout the whole day, which are separated by short breaks. Then I love to slip into a DJ set toward the end of the night.

North Coast Entertainment: One of the things that set us apart from anyone else, is the fact that we don’t really time our sets. If you book us for the day, you’ve got us for the day! All we care about is you having the greatest time on your big day, so we try and fill the day with great tunes! Unless you specifically ask for us to cover an allotted amount of time, we generally just play until the party is over!h

North Coast Entertainment – Jesse Witney

Coastal Beats DJWe like to have clear correspondence leading up to the event so we can time things perfectly on the day.  Being setup well in advance and having all of the important songs well and truly ready to go will guarantee that things go as smoothly as possible. We curate the day’s music so that it weaves throughout the ceremony, cocktails, speeches and dinner and then when the sun goes down the party really gets started!

Scott Day-VeeWe have a format of playing around 45 – 1 hr sets but as with the nature of weddings, we stay flexible on the day and read the crowds response. Sometimes it’s more live and longer sets and sometimes the DJ wins the day.

Scott Day-Vee

Sarah ArcherMore often than not I am present for the entirety of the day and into the night, through all the twists and turns, location changes and nuances. My day starts with the ceremony, moves into pre-reception drinks while the couple are having photographs taken. From there we move into the reception and dinner, followed by DJ dance-floor sets (that are almost guaranteed to keep every one including Nan and Pop, through to the youngest at heart). My day is non-stop, every detail is managed when it comes to the music. I take care of everything!

The White TreeThe following option is very popular for Byron Bay Wedding venues: 
Live Duo/DJ
2:30pm – 3pm – Duo play live as ceremony guests arrive
3:00pm – 3:30pm – Duo play live during ceremony 
3:30pm – 7:00pm – Duo play live music incl. canapés 
7:00pm – 10:30pm – DJ

J & A EventsWe touched on ‘set structure’ (or the lack thereof) a little earlier. Essentially, we don’t like tumbleweed or crickets, so we let your plans/run-sheet govern what we do and, where possible, aim to break only for your day’s formalities. Think of us as the ‘soundtrack’, and this day as your all-time favourite movie. Great music will under-score the entire event. Whether it’s an ambient re-working as you walk down the aisle, upbeat grooves to help conversation flow, or bombastic beats so y’all can ‘get low’. At J&A Events we call it, “I Do & Yewww!”.

J & A Events

Renee Simone – Byron Bay Experience: This is always completely personalised to suit the flow of the day. Im a professional event planner so I will help you to fit the music perfectly around the other things you have planned. 

Enquire with these musicians here:
Niall Lochhead // Tom Francis // DJ Scradley // The Wedding DJ // Luke Yeaman Music // Upon A Moment // Michael Eotvos // Brad Stone // North Coast Entertainment // Coastal Beats DJ // The White Tree // J&A Events // Sarah Archer // Byron Bay Experience // Scott Day-Vee

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