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Your Bridal Beauty Covered

Your Bridal Beauty Covered with Sulis Bridal

With the amount of bridal inspiration available it can be difficult to decide on a look for your wedding day. Our beauty expert, Sulis Bridal, has put together the 6 top tips to answer your bridal beauty questions and to help you get ready in the lead up to your special day.

What are the top bridal beauty trends for 2019? 

As far as hair goes, we are seeing a lot of styles constructed from braids. This creates a soft, romantic, not too done look and is always a winner. For makeup, we are seeing brides focusing on their skin care and facials in the lead up to the wedding as they’re looking for healthy, glowing skin. We are seeing makeup artists put a lot of time into the base for that flawless look and a lot of golden/bronze tones.

What should a bride do if she’s having trouble deciding on a wedding day look

Our team always loves seeing a Pinterest board as it allows us to get into the mindset of the bride. Is she looking for something more natural, glamorous, understated, beachy, boho or classic? From there we can work with the hair type, hair colour, eye colour, skin tone and so on to guide the bride into her perfect look. We always recommend a bridal trial too. This allows the bride to meet our team and work with them without the pressure of time restraints and to try a few different looks.

What products do you use? 

At Sulis, we use predominately Aveda however, we do like to cater to each bride and sometimes after the trial we may feel other products are needed. All products are natural as we do believe it is important for the beauty industry to look after the environment as well.

What products should a bride invest in for her wedding day? 

Well this depends on which team member you are speaking to. Our hairdressers would recommend a hairspray. We like Aveda’s Air Control as it allows the hair to move whilst still maintaining the look. For a shine spray, we have Aveda’s Brilliant Spray-on-Shine because who doesn’t like shiny hair. If you were talking to our Skin Therapists, they would insist on Aveda’s Bontaical Kinestics Exfoliant and Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Mask. A lot of Brides spend so much time making sure all the details are perfect that they forget to nurture their skin. Our makeup artists would always recommend topping up your lip colour throughout the day. We use Aveda’s Feed My Lips lip colour which were created with Tom Ford for the perfect shades and hydration to keep them totally kissable. It would be hard to choose just one.

How early should a bride start her skincare routine? What are your best tips to achieving flawless and glowing skin? 

We always recommend a bride enhance her skin care routine 4 weeks out. Our Skin Therapist would recommend a series of 4 facials, one week apart. The goal is to draw out any impurities well before the big day to prevent break outs. Women often experience break outs after a facial if their pours are blocked. The first one or two facials will draw it out followed by the next two facials to work on hydrating, plumping and brightening the skin. This will result in perfect, glowing, dewy skin every bride would dream of.

Should brides get a spray tan?

This is a personal choice and there should be no pressure to go either way. If you do choose to have a spray tan make sure you do your research on which tan brand you are going to go with and definitely have a trial. Following a trial, it’s always a good idea to wear clothes that are a similar colour to your wedding dress. A spray tan can look very different if you are wearing dark clothes versus light clothes.  

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