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Get to know Byron Bay’s top florists

We’ve narrowed down Byron Bay’s most incredible florists and big leaf enthusiasts to give you a choice of talented suppliers to take your wedding to the next level. Learn what makes them ‘spring’ out of bed each morning, become inspired, and most importantly discover who resonates with you most. Read on!

How would you describe your floral style?  

My design practice at FLWR is influenced by my surroundings. While in New York, my sensibility was vibrant, bountiful and unencumbered. Here, in Australia, Mother Nature calls forth movement, breathe, texture and tonality.

I work to enhance the beauty of my medium, looking to each flower for guidance on placement and palette. Call me a purist, but I think the integrity of each bloom is as important as my interpretation of her.


Victoria Fitzgibbon
We would describe our floral style as sculptural, wild and full of texture.

Victoria Fitzgibbon | Love Her Wild Photography

Alstonville Florist
We have experience working in a range of styles, all of which we love in their own right, but one of our current favourites would have to be working in a loose, unstructured, natural style. Using a range of local and seasonal botanical material and allowing each bloom within a design a chance to shine.

Pikt Flowers
We love to describe our style as informal, stylish, and relaxed with an influence of wild, textured, and natural elements.

Pikt Flowers

Big Leaf Boutique
Our style is quite unique, not so much floral as botanical. Given the produce we have, we can create very individual displays that have more of a tropical feel. Generally on a grand scale!

Orchard Estate Byron Bay Wedding Reception
Big Leaf Boutique | Possum Creek Studios

We are constantly moved by the magnificence of nature and it’s harmony, beauty and ‘dance’. We try to capture this flow in our work.  

Wilderness Flowers
We describe our style as romantic and abundant, punctuated by bold colours and textural elements.

Wilderness Flowers | Ivy Road Photography

Bower Botanicals
Our floral style is highly textural, organic form, and contemporary – always drawing inspiration from the natural environment. 

Bower Botanicals

We are boldly simple, creative and thoughtful.

What flowers do you love working with? 

I’m a lover of texture – wild oats, flannel flower, bleached fern, wisteria vine, cockroach grass – there’s something magical about the subtle tone variations and gestural forms.

I like working with an abundance of smaller flowers, each with a lot of personality – sweet pea, pansies, Californian poppies, ranunculus, garden rose, hellebore, foxglove. The interplay between the stems creates such a depth of character – a beautiful place where unique personas are born.


Victoria Fitzgibbon
We love all flowers but particularly natives juxtaposed with large romantic blooms. Anything unusual and textured. We tend to love branches, moss and lichen too!

Alstonville Florist 
It’s hard to pick a favourite flower, there are beautiful local Dahlias and Garden Roses sourced directly from our grower and stunning King Proteas from just down the road. We love working with flowers IN SEASON. It’s very special working with blooms that can only (or should only) be sourced at that specific time of the year. Peonies, Tulips, some of our Australian Natives like Geraldton wax, Lily of the Valley, Blushing Brides, Cymbidium Orchids, Hydrangea, Scabiosa, and their pods and Nerines to name a few.

Alstonville Florist | Stories by Ash

Pikt Flowers
We are inspired by everything nature has to offer at Pikt Flowers, all blooms are beautiful when styled with the right elements. Anything seasonal, textured, wild and luxurious

Big Leaf Boutique
We tend not to use flowers at Big Leaf Boutique, but more tropical leaves which we grow on our own farm. We prefer to use giant leaves for their textural quality and sheer scale. They give such a dramatic feel as they are not commonly seen in more typical floral displays. When we do want to add some stronger colour variations or highlights we would use tropical flowers, again grown on our farm that compliment the large scale leaves.

We couldn’t possibly pick one as our love for flowers rolls with the seasons. We do however hold a special place in our hearts for native flora and it’s character, uniqueness and texture. 

Beautiflora | Nina Claire Photography

Wilderness Flowers
We love all things peonies, orchids and anthuriums. 

Bower Botanicals
We love large-scale foliage (dried and fresh) for the texture and sheer size, orchids and anthuriums due to their sculptural beauty, rose varieties for diversity in shape, tones and form (plus fragrance!) and Aussie native blooms and foliage for the unique form and robust nature. Bower Botanicals love working with preserved and dried florals, observing the transformation and creating with flora at various stages from fresh to dried.

We work with Slow Flowers which means flowers that are grown in Australia by Australian farmers, not imported blooms from overseas.  This means we get to work with the seasons so there’s always a new favourite.  At the moment we are obsessed with peony tulips and curly nerines.

What’s your wedding signature piece that you love to create?

The bridal bouquet is my favorite piece to create. Flowers have a pulse… they’re a living, breathing signifier of new beginnings – a beautiful encapsulation of the space between past and future.

I work to embody that sense of presence – slowly, meticulously, and with the utmost respect for every bloom. The end result feels like I’m meeting an old friend for the first time – unique creatures, all dear to my heart.


Victoria Fitzgibbon
We love all aspects of creating a wedding but if left to our own devices and the couple have trust, we like to create some pretty cool tablescapes. The bride’s bouquet and arbour are also crucial to amazing photos that last a lifetime, something they can show their kids etc.. and reminisce.

Victoria Fitzgibbon

Alstonville Florist
We love bringing the whole wedding together with flowers. From the bridal party, h the ceremony, and the reception with its floral styling. A bride’s bouquet is always a very important piece. We aim to create something unique that truly reflects the bride’s personality, dress, and wedding vision. This vision is continued through larger pieces like the arbour design or ceremony arrangements to the small post-ceremony cocktail area flowers, to the table settings, and suspended florals that bring a reception space to life and create the perfect atmosphere for the newlyweds and their guests. It all works together, to create an overall feel for that specific wedding.

Pikt Flowers
We adore all aspects of designing wedding florals, creating a beautiful story to capture the magic of your day. Our speciality is your ceremony arbour, and surrounding you with a fairy tale frame of blooms to make that ” I Do ” moment a truly memorable one.

Pikt Flowers
Pikt Flowers

Big Leaf Boutique
Creating ‘over scale’ lush tropical installations and backdrops that fill spaces but still complement the overall look and feel of the wedding is where we are in our element! Highlighting the magnificence of the leaves which truly are a thing of natural beauty in themselves, some of which can grow up to 5 metres in height. We can create a huge installation where the wedding couple will actually be sitting within, this one will be challenging from a structural point of view but will certainly achieve a dramatic effect! It’s one installation we really look forward to.

Beautiflora loves to create distinguished and bespoke floral sceneries. We love everything about the designing process to the finer details and touches that go into forming these remarkable arbours and installations. Wedding days are such a significant day in people’s lives and we love adding to these beautiful moments with florals that perfectly represent each of our couples. 


Wilderness Flowers:
Our signature wedding pieces are romantic cascading wedding bouquets, we love the drama of roses and phalaenopsis orchids.

Bower Botanicals
Large-scale, custom installations or floral displays for both ceremony design and reception. We love to work with the couple to create something really individual and special to represent them. The bridal bouquet is a very important floral element. We like to know as much about the bride as possible (likes and dislikes, wedding gown design and colour, how her hair is being worn, etc.). We marry the details with our own flair to create a bouquet that will stay with that person forever. 

Bouquets are our favourite at Bramblehaus because we get sentimental about making something you’ll really love – that suits your personality, your dress shape and includes all the little personal details we’ve picked up from you through the process.  It’s something you’ll hold close to you all day and is the pinnacle of wedding flowers – we really enjoy this intimacy.


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