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Byron’s best wedding cake & sweet makers!

Marina Machado|Captured by Inga

If you’re anything like us selecting your wedding cake or sweet tooth alternative has to be one of the most ‘appetising’ parts of wedding planning! Whether you’re into the traditional cutting of the cake or more of a roaming dessert style as you mingle on over to the dance-floor… we’re presenting you with Byron’s top 9 wedding dessert connoisseurs!

What sort of cakes or sweets do you offer?

Wheel and Spoon: Wheel and Spoon offer real-deal gelato served from a three-wheeled bicycle. Gelato master, Davide, studied at Gelati University in Bologna, Italy. Ah yep, you heard right… Gelati University. Sign me up! His traditional and authentic gelato-making methods ensure you and your guests experience a true taste of Italy, using the highest quality ingredients and lots of amoré (love, devotion and zest).

Wheel and Spoon

Byron Bay CacaoByron Bay Cacao works with each client to create the perfect solution. Whatever you need we can customise to suit any theme or inspiration. Large or small, traditional or on-trend, we have it covered with our range of cakes, bonbonnieres and dessert.

Byron Bay Cacao

Rebellyous Cake CoYummy decadent mud cake is my speciality, it stays fresher for longer and so is perfect for the decorating process. It is also my preference for naked/semi-naked cakes as it will not dry out even after sitting out on display for hours at your reception.

Millie’s of NewrybarI offer a range of cake styles from the traditional to the unique and modern. I can create anything from the elaborate and detailed fondant style cake to the textured icing and the ever-popular semi-naked cake. In addition to cakes, I also do decadent desserts, macarons, cupcakes, biscuits and doughnuts.

Marina Machado Cakes: We offer a range of fondant and buttercream cakes from a single tier to multiple tiers (each of which may contain different flavours and fillings). I enjoy pushing the boundaries of cake design and would be delighted to work with the wedding couple to design the cake of their dreams; something wonderful to wow the guests and delight their senses.

We also offer dessert tables comprising a range of delectable petit fours all made from scratch with the finest ingredients. Here are just a sample: mandarin and apricot amaretti, honey crème brûlée tart, pistachio financier with boysenberry sauce, piña colada mousse. And, of course, macarons!

Sweet Obsessions: We create a wide range of cakes and sweets to suit all clients. Our wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes to suit your wedding. We also do towers of sweets which can still have a cake on top of the tower to keep the tradition of cutting the cake. Our towers are doughnut towers, cupcake towers, brownie towers and macaron towers. We also offer dessert tables to go with your cake or desserts. 

Sweet Obsessions | Nina Claire Photography

Let Them Eat Cake: Wedding cakes – from simple and rustic to elegant multi-tier extravaganzas. We also offer brownies, cupcakes, doughnuts and anything else you can dream of. 

Let Them Eat Cake

Byron Bay Cake Boutique: Byron Bay Cake Boutique makes a range of wedding cakes styles, including Buttercream, Semi-Naked, Naked and Fondant cakes.

My cakes can be made to suit your individual style, whether you prefer a more traditional wedding cake or a more modern, chic style.  I am happy to discuss your design preferences to ensure that your wedding cake reflects you and your partner on your special day. Customised and handmade cake toppers are also available to adorn your cake and give it a personal or quirky touch!

Baylato: Byron Bay is defined as a place of style and quality products and Baylato is proud to deliver no less to your door. They are more than just a gourmet gelato on the go. They have the original look with their vintage gelato van “ISABELLA” that will call the attention of everyone at your wedding.

Their main gelato supplier “In The Pink” has been making gelati for more than 30 years in Byron Bay. They use the best local and Italian ingredients to produce what the ABC’s Delicious magazine describes as “ one of the 10 best gelaterias in Australia”. In addition to their gelato, they also offer catering of profiteroles, ice cream tacos and coffee.


What flavours do you have available? How many different flavours can be chosen? 

Wheel and Spoon: Maybe it’s our decadent salted caramel with layers of Nutella or our vibrant, fuschia pink dragon fruit sorbet, with over 60 flavours to choose from. We are confident you’ll find what you’re after. Depending on the size of your wedding, we offer an option to have 2 – 4 different flavours. 

Wheel and Spoon | Carly Tia Photography

Byron Bay CacaoWe are only limited by our imagination. Whatever flavour you can dream up, we can do it. Everything from the classic dark chocolate mud cake to the most elaborate entremets. Some of the most popular are – Caramel Mud Cake, Entremets, Dark Chocolate Mud Cake, Carrot Cake, Sticky Fig, Red Velvet, Vanilla Bean and Lemon. You’re not limited to one flavour per cake, or even per tier, although the price is relative to multiple flavours.

Rebellyous Cake CoThere are so many possibilities with regards to flavour, everything from chocolate and vanilla through to a spiced caramel (Persian Love Mud).  My signature flavour is a Coconut Lime Mud and is the most requested flavour, however, the Persian Love is gaining in popularity especially amongst those with more adventurous tastes.

You may choose a different flavour for every tier of your cake if you so wish. A double-height tier can often be made up of two separate flavours.

Rebellyous Cake Co

Millie’s of NewrybarI have an extensive range of cake flavours available to choose from, too many to list! I also have a wide range of filling and icing varieties which are all made from scratch that can complement the cake you choose. A full cake menu is available upon request, however, some favourites include Ginger and Whiskey, Salted Caramel, White Chocolate and Raspberry, Iced Vovo, Vanilla Bean Latte, Mint Slice and Citrus Chiffon. You can choose any number of flavours for your tiered cake. For example, a three-tiered cake can have a different flavour for each tier.

Millies of Newrybar

Marina Machado Cakes: Typically there is a flavour chosen for the baked cake and one or more for the buttercream and filling, so each tier can be a combination of flavours. And you can choose different combinations for each tier!

We offer a range of cake flavour combinations provided upon request. These tend to seasonally change and, of course, I am more than happy to bake new flavours according to the wishes of the wedding couple.  Here are a sample of some of the most popular offerings: Vanilla Butter Cake with Wild Orange and White Chocolate Buttercream, White Chocolate and Raspberry Mudcake with Vanilla Bean Buttercream and Raspberry Jam, Earl Grey Buttercake with Vanilla Bean and Lavender Buttercream, Coconut Cake with Vanilla Bean Buttercream and Lemon Curd.

Marina Machado Cakes

Sweet Obsessions: We have a list we’ve created that really suit the balance of our flavour combinations. Each tier of cake can be a different flavour, we encourage different flavours to give your guests more choice. The different flavour combinations are endless so we also work with your favourite flavours and combinations. The most popular flavours that we’ve created are White Raspberry Mud Cake, Caramel Mud cake with salted caramel and Dark Chocolate Ganache, White Chocolate Mud with fresh passionfruit curd and Vanilla Bean Sponge with a fresh raspberry conserve. 

Let Them Eat Cake: Mudcakes – Chocolate, White Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Lime & Coconut, Sticky Date Mud Cake, Salted Caramel and Chocolate Swirl. Passionfruit and Vanilla Cake. Hummingbird Cake. Carrot and Walnut. Lemon Drizzle. Red Velvet.

Let Them Eat Cake

Byron Bay Cake Boutique: A range of flavours are available to tempt you and your guests.  I have ensured there is a diverse selection so that you will be able to find something perfect.  If you are having a tiered cake, you can select more than one flavour which makes the decision process a little easier.

Some couples like to choose the crowd-pleasers; Vanilla Buttermilk and Chocolate Fudge, however, some love a rich, decadent cake like mud cakes (chocolate, white chocolate or caramel). I have also included some less common but delicious flavours for those who would like something a little different for their big day.  These include Spiced Banana, Classic Carrot, Sticky Date, Coconut Citrus and Red Velvet.

Byron Bay Cake Boutique

Baylato: Baylato offers almost 70 different gelati and sorbet flavours. They have different catering packages, where the couples can have up to 7 different flavours on display for their wedding if they want to.
Among the most popular flavours are Ferrero Rocher, Raspberry White Chocolate, Roasted Banana, Burnt Honey, Baileys, Salted Caramel and Fig, Pistachio, Sticky Date Pudding and Blue Cheese among many others. 


Do you offer tastings? 

Wheel and Spoon: Tasting are available on the Gold Coast. We can also arrange to meet with you personally and help in your somewhat difficult choice in narrowing down these flavours to just a few!

Byron Bay CacaoWe have tasting events once every couple of months, please enquire to be put on the mail list for up and coming events.

Byron Bay Cacao

Rebellyous Cake CoI do not offer formal tastings however a complimentary tasting box is available (for collection in Mullumbimby) for all wedding cake orders that have been confirmed with a deposit. A fee applies to those ordering a tasting box without having paid a deposit.  Tasting boxes may also be couriered in some circumstances.

Millie’s of NewrybarI am able to offer tasting boxes and these can be arranged as part of your package or as a separate order. 

Millies of Newrybar

Marina Machado Cakes: Yes. Tastings are complimentary and are conducted in a beautiful garden house on her Tamborine Mountain property. Guests usually taste a variety of flavours including gluten-free and vegan options on request. I will also consult the wedding couple on cake design including a tour of my cake studio containing a range of display cakes. Tasting boxes are also provided for those that don’t have the time to sit and enjoy the experience.

Sweet Obsessions: Yes absolutely! The most fun part of wedding planning is the excuse to eat lots of cake! We do tasting boxes of 6 cupcakes of the flavours you choose so you can indulge or share with family.

Let Them Eat Cake: Yes.

Byron Bay Cake Boutique: Yes! This is one of the more pleasurable experiences of the wedding planning process and not to be missed. If you are having trouble deciding what flavours to choose this is a great way to make up your mind… and a very tasty way too.

My sampler packages consist of 5 mini layer cakes and they come beautifully presented in my own original design. Many clients enjoy this as a special morning or afternoon tea with their loved one. They are available for collection to enjoy in your own personal setting upon request.

Byron Bay Cake Boutique

Baylato: YES! Baylato has a shop at Eat Street Northshore (Brisbane) and another at The Farm (Byron Bay). Couples can choose their favourite flavours from Baylato’s website and they are welcome to come to one of their shops for tasting. They can also make custom flavours if the couple has a favourite.


Do you have vegan / gluten-free options?

Wheel and SpoonThe majority of our gelato flavours are gluten-free apart from the obvious; Chocolate Brownie, Cookies & Cream etc. All sorbets are dairy-free and vegan-friendly, including the creamy option like our dark chocolate and coconut. 

Wheel and Spoon

Byron Bay CacaoYes, We do loads of vegan and gluten-free cakes, our vegan Sticky Fig is to die for. We also have options for other dietary and religious needs.

Rebellyous Cake CoAll mud cake flavours are available as gluten-free, however, whilst I do offer gluten-free cakes, my cakes are not produced in a nut, gluten or other allergen-free kitchen. It is, for this reason, I do not recommend my products to those with severe food intolerances/ allergies (such as celiacs).  At this stage, I do not have any vegan options.

Rebellyous Cake Co

Millie’s of Newrybar: I have both vegan and gluten-free options available. 

Marina Machado Cakes: Yes. Gluten-free, nut-free, raw and vegan options are available.

Sweet Obsessions: Yes we have vegan cakes, gluten-free cakes and even dairy-free cakes. We also offer the option for couples who have a few vegan or gluten-free guests to order some cupcakes for them to be kept separate with the chef’s until serving. Then you don’t need a tier to be vegan or gluten-free if it is only a handful of guests to cater for. Minimum of 4 cupcakes per order.

Sweet Obsessions

Let Them Eat Cake: All cakes are available as gluten-free, some are dairy-free – best to ask. The following are available as vegan: Passionfruit & Vanilla, Chai Spice, Chocolate Fudge & Berry Vanilla.

Let Them Eat Cake | Van Middleton Photography

Byron Bay Cake Boutique: Gluten-free and vegan cakes are available upon request. Please mention this in your initial enquiry and I will forward the menu options for you.  I am constantly working towards expanding the gluten-free and vegan ranges. The macarons are all gluten-free.

Please note, all of the equipment in the kitchen is used to make all cakes. If you have a severe allergy or concerns about the same equipment being used it is recommended that you source a specialist in either gluten-free or vegan products.

Baylato: Baylato has plenty of vegan, gluten-free, egg-free and dairy-free options for any special needs.

Can you create different sized cakes based on guest numbers so there’s enough for everyone and not too much waste? 

Byron Bay CacaoPlease visit our website and have a play with the cake designer page. here you can get portions and costs for each size and style of cake and send that design straight to us.

Byron Bay Cacao | Captured by Ivy Road Photography

Rebellyous Cake CoWhilst it is not always possible to achieve the exact number of serves required, with different tier sizes to choose from you can get very close. Who doesn’t love leftover cake? I always bake fresh so there is also the option of freezing for later indulgence.

Millie’s of NewrybarAbsolutely. I base all my cakes on how many guests will be attending the wedding and whether the couple has dessert as part of their food package.  If the cake is to follow dessert then a coffee size cake is recommended.  If you would like your cake as a symbolic cutting cake this can be accommodated for too.

Millie’s of Newrybar

Marina Machado Cakes: Yes. So, whether the cake will be the only dessert to be served on your wedding will determine the size of the portions – dessert and coffee portions. The portion type in combination with the guest count will guide the size of the cake. Next step will be to find the best size – in terms of tiers, for the desired cake design.

Sweet Obsessions: Yes absolutely! The first thing we ask when enquiring is how many guests you’re having and if you’re after dessert portions or coffee portions, as you might have dessert canapés in your package. There are so many different sized cakes so it all depends on how many you need to serve to determine the size of your wedding cake. Everyone is different, some might not want too much cake, or a very popular thing is ordering a bit more cake so family and friends can celebrate again the next day after lunch all together. It all depends on the client. 

Sweet Obsessions

Let Them Eat Cake: All cakes are individually tailored to your guest numbers whether they are dessert or coffee/canapé size so there’s no wastage and always enough to go round!

Byron Bay Cake Boutique: Yes, certainly.  Each cake made by Byron Bay Cake Boutique is individually quoted because each and every cake is bespoke and made to your requirements. When you make contact us about your cake, please include the number of servings that you require so that I can match this with the size of your cake tiers.  I can then send you a quote based on your unique specifications.

Do you offer individual cakes/dessert items instead of one large traditional cake?

Byron Bay CacaoWe can do anything you need. Verrine’s, dragees, lollies, petit fours, entremet (large and small), macaroon, cookies, tarts, cheesecake and cake slabs. There are honestly too many things to list.

Rebellyous Cake CoI do offer baked doughnuts which shouldn’t be confused with the traditional fried kind. They are, after all, a cake baked in a doughnut shape – they still taste great! Not one for the traditional? Then a brownie stack might be more your style. These look amazing decorated with flowers and are definitely on the menu along with jars of salted caramel and individually wrapped biscuits for bonbonnieres. 

Rebellyous Cakes | Captured by Shane Shepherd

Millie’s of NewrybarA wedding cake doesn’t have to be the traditional tiered cake. I can offer a range of different options for couples which can include a display of cakes in different but complementary styles, mini cakes, cupcake stands, doughnut stands, petit fours, tarts and brownies.

Marina Machado Cakes: Yes. Some wedding couples prefer to serve individual mini cakes instead of a single portioned large cake. Also, we love to design dessert tables! It seems to be on very popular demand as guests can delight their palettes with an extensive variety of flavours provided.

Marina Machado Cakes

Sweet Obsessions: Yes, we also do towers of sweets which can still have the cutting cake on top of the tower to keep the tradition of cutting the cake. Our towers are doughnut towers, cupcake towers, brownie towers and macaron towers. We also offer dessert tables to go with your cake or desserts. 

Let Them Eat Cake: Yes I offer cupcakes, brownies, doughnuts and slices.

Byron Bay Cake Boutique

Byron Bay Cake Boutique: The individual dessert alternatives that I offer are macarons and cupcakes. They can be presented as a tower or part of a dessert table display.  If you would like to hire a macaron or cupcake tower please let me know so that I can reserve one for your wedding date. Custom made cookies and macarons make great wedding favours for your guests and can be individually packaged depending on your requirements.

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