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Real Wedding // Jay & Brandon’s byronviewfarm micro-wedding

Jay & Brandon’s micro-wedding at byronviewfarm was in all parts, a day to remember as understated beauty, simplicity at it’s best. Orchestrated by Elope Byron Bay, this special and intimate occasion unfolded exactly as their dreams imagined. A striking ceremony led into their memorable reception, a long lunch with their closest family and friends on the white cottages wrap-around verandah. Witness how Carly Tia curated one of most favoured elopements up on the hill…

1. Tell us your story, how did you both meet?
We both went to university together. While we were in a lot of classes together we did not really speak to each other until we were paired up in Organic Chemistry in our 3rd year.

2. How did the proposal happen?
Brandon: The proposal didn’t go exactly how I planned it in my head. I was always going to propose during our Europe trip last year. We were away for a month and thought there would be many opportunities to pop the question. I hid the engagement ring in my luggage. Nearing the end of the trip my bag had been lost in transit. I had to try and act cool and not make a big deal of it, so I didn’t give it away that there was something very important in my bag. I had by then decided I would propose in Santorini. We were having a super romantic dinner at our hotel looking out to the volcano during sunset. The scene was set, the perfect timing… until, the guy sitting behind us proposed to his girlfriend. He went the whole shebang, the waiters were all in on it, a photographer came out of nowhere. We kind of mocked them about how hard-core they went haha. Then we went back down to our room, grabbed a couple of hot drinks and sat outside overlooking the water and pool. It felt more relaxed and real – more of how I would actually propose.

3. What were the reasons for eloping / having a small wedding?
Jay: The idea of weddings for Brandon had always been held in low regards. Coming from a Chinese background, the weddings are generally extremely big and often involved guests that the bride and groom hardly knew. Therefore having a small wedding (if we ever end up getting married) was always at the top of our mind. We are quiet people and definitely not into big parties so having a large wedding/party did not appeal to us. We also wanted to do something that fitted with what we really wanted and fitted with our own values. Doing a small wedding also gave us more flexibility in what we wanted to do as we didn’t have to compromise on the look and feel for the sake of more people. We also wanted to do a weekend away somewhere so that the wedding wasn’t just a one-day event so a small group of people seemed perfect for this. So overall we got to share a relaxed holiday together as a family (which we wouldn’t normally do), got to spend quality time with each and every family member and friend and finally neither of us enjoy being the centre of attention and didn’t want to be made a fuss of.

4. What style were you striving for with your table settings, florals and reception?
We wanted something really natural yet modern and all the vendors we worked with knew exactly what I was trying to achieve. We didn’t want anything over the top but just wanted a vintage/rustic/natural style that suited byronviewfarm. We were so happy to find BVF because it was everything we were looking for but even better. Simple but beautifully styled without a lot of decoration required.

We really didn’t want a typical wedding with traditional arbours and bouquets so everything was quite loose and natural – not all prettily made up. The table setting was mainly foliage and cotton and other various textures which worked perfectly with the white drapes and lighting. While Brandon wasn’t 100% on the tipi arbour to begin with, he was by the end and again we had simple greenery/foliage as opposed to intense colours and flowers. I was also so happy with the bouquet and other flowers – so natural yet beautiful, with simple textures and colours to create amazing contrasts. We wanted something that looked beautifully and naturally styled not a typical stark white table wedding reception.

5. Were there any vendors that you particularly loved working with and why?
Everyone was amazing. The communication was quick and easy, everyone was super friendly and helpful and they all did their parts/jobs to a level which surpassed our expectations! Photographer (Carly Tia), planning (Elope Byron Bay), celebrant (Skai Daly), food (Fig Tree Catering), flowers (The French Petal), drinks (The Cellar), venue (byronviewfarm) – everyone was amazing. We wouldn’t change a thing. Getting ready at byronviewfarm, Jay got to meet the various people and see everything set up. This just made everything even more amazing as she got to see first hand the effort that went into the set-up even with the most simplest things.

6. Overall, what was your most favourite part of your wedding day and why?
Hard to say – the entire day was great. When people started arriving – everyone was excited, stoked that the weather was perfect, commenting on how beautiful the venue and the view was, how everyone was dressed so nice. The ceremony – being able to stand in front of everyone and see their smiling faces. They were so happy (for us!). I could not wipe the smile off my face. The moment I heard the music and saw Jay and Nila walk out of the cottage. Our late lunch and dessert – being able to watch the sunset and at the end of the night when it was just Jay and I, we made some snacks and hot drinks, turned on the gas heater and sat out under the verandah looking up to the stars. Reflecting on the most perfect day. Overall, seeing everything come together so well and exactly as how we had imagined it to be was the best part of the day. Jay definitely had a particular view in her mind and seeing it all come together really just topped off the day. I think the fact that it has been pouring down with rain the day before made the day even more amazing!

7. What did you enjoy about the planning process?
The fact the planning was so easy pretty much says it all. We were really struggling finding places that accommodated for small weddings so finding Elope was amazing. Working with someone (Emily) that actually understood why we would want to do a small wedding instead of been asked why would you not want more than 50 people. Working with vendors that
work in smaller weddings just made everything easier because I felt no need to justify the numbers all the way through. Everyone was so easy to work with, giving recommendations on what would work while really trying to understand exactly what we wanted.

Jay & Brandon

Venue: byronviewfarm // Celebrant: Skai Ceremonies // Photographer: Carly Tia Photography // Florist: The French Petal // Catering: Fig Tree Catering // Drinks: The Cellar // Cake: Sweet Obsessions // Lighting & Audio:  Byron Audio // Furniture & Styling: The Wedding Shed // Planning & Coordination: Elope Byron Bay