Steph & Ash

Hi Eydie! (wedding planner)
We have just got back from our three-month honeymoon and are on Cloud 9! Eeeeeee.
Where do I start!? Well… our Wedding Day was easily the best day of our lives. I can’t really put in words how perfect everything was. This is all thanks to you!!!
Everything ran perfectly – and all our vendors (our celebrant, photographer, videographer, musicians, hair & makeup, cake) – everyone was so damn fabulous!! Not only did they all do such an incredible job, they were genuinely some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Not one moment did I feel stressed because I just felt that everyone else had it all under control. It was such a gift to be able to feel this way on the day.
The venue looked absolutely stunning. The garden was the best I’d ever seen it and inside the restaurant – oh my goodness. Everything looked so beautiful. All that hard work (thank you for putting up with my constant design changes) really paid off. I couldn’t have been happier. I noticed there were a couple of other ‘Wedding Shed’ items “thrown in”. Our beautiful Bride and Groom Chairs, the outdoor pendants over the pool and the Neon ‘To The Moon & Back’ sign. I’m not sure who was behind that but if you know, please send them my heartfelt thanks.
The day was pure bliss. There were lots of laughs and LOTS of happy tears.
I still get emotional thinking about it.
The service was just spectacular. A special mention to Jimmy! He was so chill. It really helped me to remain calm before walking down the isle – which was exactly what I needed!
All our guests were astounded by the restaurant staff. They were kind, polite and so professional.
We had so many challenging dietary requirements but not once did it seem to be a problem.
The food – OMG THE FOOOODD. I’m still dreaming about that fish. My only wish is that we could come back, order our whole menu again and eat LOTS OF IT!
Also – it was so lovely to meet you in the morning of the big day. Thank you so much for those beautiful croissants. Ash and I snacked on them at midnight while reading through all our cards.
Ahhh the memories.
Also – definitely missing our catch ups. Thank you again for everything Eydie.
Big hugs,
Steph xx