Morena & Josh

Eydieeeeeeee ❤ (wedding planner)

I actually don’t even know where to begin! In fact I’m tearing up just writing this email hahaha.

Thank you thank you thank you for all that you are and giving us the wedding of our absolute dreams. We’ve totally been in this bliss post wedding high for the past month and we credit you and the whole Fig Tree team for a huge portion of that euphoria. From beginning to end, it was simply the best. We really don’t have words to describe it! Every part of it was a 10 out of 10, there is nothing we could fault (shout out to Jimmy and Michelle (on the day coordinators)). We’ve had multiple guests tell us it was the best wedding they’ve been to and we genuinely know that to be the truth. Like I said, just thinking about it again as I write this email is giving me all the happy tears.

I feel like thank you doesn’t even cut it, but thank you again. We’re thinking about having our first anniversary up there so if you happen to have one of your dinner events around then, count the McNamaras in haha. This isn’t goodbye, we will most definitely be back.

Let’s do it all over again!! 💫

All our love, and thanks.

The McNamaras xx