Julz & Ben

Hi Eydie and Soph 🙂 (wedding planners)

Thank you so so so much for your beautiful email! đź’›

We literally had the BEST day of our entire lives, and we still can’t stop talking about it! Beck just sent us through our full set of photos too because she’s the quickest photographer on planet earth, so we are reliving it all over again!

I nearly exploded from excitement when I saw the alpacas!! Ben says that I cried more when I saw the alpacas than I did seeing him haha!

Byron Bay Weddings completely exceeded our expectations, and we can’t thank the two of you, Kate, Dan, Che, and the entire team enough for everything you did for us! You were both so incredible and helpful in the whole lead up to our wedding, and we are so grateful for the two of you! Kate was so kind and supportive on the week of our wedding, Che was amazing and such a legend, Dan was wonderful at the rehearsal and on the day, and all of the staff on the day were just so great! The food was INCREDIBLE – our friends and family are still telling us how amazing it was!

Thank you so so so much for everything again đź’•

Julz and Ben xxxx