Chloe & Beau

Hi Maddie! (wedding planner)

Thank you so much for all of your help, the day was absolutely perfect!!!

Dean was an incredible celebrant, even my mum wanted to leave him a glowing review. He felt like an old friend.

Sarah Archer (musician) and Dan from Party Liaison (DJ) were so great and such wonderful people.

Silvy from Mi Casa did an incredible job of the flowers, they were perfect, especially when I didn’t give her anything exact. She was also super sweet.

Dan (on the day coordinator) was so great on the day at keeping the whole thing running and there was a really lovely woman (Michelle maybe?) who was working that night who I can’t thank enough.

I was so nervous before I walked down the aisle and she came up to me and said a few things that was much appreciated.

The only thing that wasn’t great was how quickly it went! It felt like I blinked and it was all over 🥲

Thanks again, everything was perfect