Alicia & Doug

Hi Nicole, Che, Carmen and supporting teams of our A&D wedding

Thank you; we are ever so grateful that you played an integral part of our union of love. A day that was filled with joy, happiness and emotional loving energy.

Che, the food and service were impeccable, unforgettable, friends and family still talk of how delicious all the food was from the canapés, feasting mains and desserts. Not to mention the pig on a spit, that was off the charts.

Nicole and Carmen; I’m speechless, what an incredible experience and utterly perfect day… and there is perfect… we nailed it! The design of the day, the details, the music, the piano, lights… we and everyone else has been left in awe. Every detail played a special role in our love, our heritage, complementing our energy. Absolute magic and Carmen, the day was seamless you kept the energy alive on the day and nurtured our love bubble. I will never forget how you looked after me on the day.

To this day we are still beaming that we are married and look for every opportunity to call each other husband and wife.
May our video be a memory of an incredible day, a reflection of your efforts, we will never forget and all thanks to you and everyone involved.

All our love and gratitude,
Alicia and Doug xoxo