We plan, coordinate and style weddings, elopements, corporate and personal events, making sure no detail is missed so you experience an incredible stress free occasion.

The Wedding Shed

The Wedding Shed is Byron Bay Weddings’ one stop shop for furniture, prop and décor hire.

Feast Events

Feast Events are all about creating a fun atmosphere which exudes a playful and informal vibe.

Our Venues

Byron Bay offers an abundance of incredible wedding venues. Whether you’re after ocean views, a hinterland outlook, total luxury or barn style, it really won’t be hard to find a venue which ticks all the boxes.

Sweet Treats For Guests

Your guests won’t be able to resist these delicious sweet treats

Ice Cream Bar

Ice Cream 3

Conjure up the joy of warm summer days with a private ice cream bar at your wedding, evoking whispers of childhood when enjoyed from crunchy waffle cones, guests can mix and match a range of different flavours whilst making their way down the station. Provide different toppings for guests to add to their cold creation – why not tie in the toppings with your weddings colour scheme to make it completely personalised. Give guests the option of having their ice cream in individual dishes; consider the silverware used from long slender dessertspoon to small antique silver spoons – looking for a more playful vibe, use colourful spoons.

Ice Cream Bar2






Ice Cream Bar1

All Chocolate Dessert

Nothing will say decadence more than a dessert bar entirely of chocolate. Truffles, macaroons, cupcakes, broken up blocks of chocolate, chocolate sundaes, milkshakes and an indulgent chocolate wedding cake. Style with rustic wooden blocks, mason jars, small wooden crates and silverware


Chocolate Cup CakesWedding Cake



Delicious macaroons are the perfect sweet treat for your wedding. These beautifully coloured sweets melt in your mouth making them a popular choice that your guests will no doubt enjoy at the wedding, or as a take home gift.
Traditionally French inspired, macaroons can be made in any colour or flavour to suit your tastes or wedding day theme. Macaroons can be arranged as a table centrepiece, on plates or cake stands, or packaged in gift-wrap, tied with a ribbon or beautifully decorated boxes for your guests.





Popcorn is one of those ‘can’t go wrong’ treat for guests, no ones going to complain about having it to snack on, on the trip home. These day’s popcorn is getting reinvented in new and creative ways, a far cry from your average butter flavoured theatre popcorn – think gourmet tastes like chocolate salted caramel, infused chocolate with sea salt, blue cheese, jalapeño cheddar. Why not swap popcorn out for other delicious edibles like trail mix, chocolate covered pretzels or even homemade granola.

Popcorn2  Popcorn3