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Meet Stylist, Ky Drury

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Ky Drury and her family moved to Byron Bay from Sydney 5 years ago to get away from the hustle and bustle for a more relaxed lifestyle. After renting in Suffolk Park whilst looking for the perfect 5 acre pocket of land to settle on for her family of six and two horses  and what the family ended up settling on was something completely different, a 42 acre working Macadamia plantation which she has turned into the dreamy wedding venue and luxury holiday destination known as The Grove™. The rest is history!

Tell us about yourself?

We moved here 5 years ago from Sydney to get out of the hustle and bustle. At the time I was designing swimwear, yet mostly focussing on my 4 kids settling in to their new surrounds. It was such a big move, as they were all still at school at that time.

We rented in Suffolk Park whilst looking for the perfect 5 acre parcel of land to settle on. With 2 horses and a family of six we wanted the simple life. What we have ended up creating is something completely different. A 42 acre working Macadamia plantation, which we have now turned into a wedding venue and luxury holiday destination. What a trip it has been. This new dream evolved from so many things, and so many conversations, yet mainly just the belief that sharing this property would afford us to create something pretty special. The goal posts just keep on moving. We are forever planning the next stage.

What do you love about living and working in the Byron region?

I love the fresh air, lush surrounds and peaceful hinterland, but mostly I love the vibe that Byron people exude. It’s a super relaxed bare footed style of crowd, brilliant for bringing up our 4 kids up amongst. I love being surrounded by so many likeminded creative people who are also giving it a go. Most days I meet someone who inspires me, on many levels, the people of Byron all have a story and are not shy in sharing. It’s a colourful town that is growing and changing at its own pace, everybody piggy backing each other, and influencing the town of Byron to be the unique place that it will continue to be. It’s never boring.

Where did the vision to create The Grove come from?

The people, the local environment, and the pooling of skills, this is what my builder husband and I do together.

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Describe The Groves’ style?

Its funny really as I get asked this quite often, yet to me its just “my style”. When I am shopping or travelling over the past 15 or so years it’s a collection of pieces that I am drawn to. My only rule is that it needs to be neutral and textured. Anything that was colourful went to Vinnie’s some time ago, as staying fairly neutral would be something that we never tired of.

Tell us about properties grounds?

Living on a working farm brings a certain amount of work with it. My hubbie is constantly feeling overwhelmed by the speed in which the lawns grow. Yet after 4 years of living here he now has that under control. His name is Marcus…… now a permanent part of our weeks.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

I guess I am drawn to nature mostly, as I have a love of indoor plants and timber. They bring so much warmth to any house. Mixing these elements with a more polished finish such as man made elements, white walls, concrete and glass makes for the perfect base. Keeping that base simple makes it so easy to be a bit playful with the softer furnishings. And I love to mix feminine and masculine, square lines and curves, always off setting each other, and allowing one feature to always be the hero.

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Have you always been interested in interior styling?

Yes, but the structure and layout of a home and how it flows form one living space to another is probably my favourite part of design. A frustrated architect possibly.

Then the interiors come easy. To me that’s just called shopping. I love the problem solving aspect of designing a home. Creating clever storage areas and nook’s, is also a challenge I love, as you can never have enough storage.

Because I am self taught, making many errors over the past 20 years, it has been a labour of love, both pleasure and pain. Being married to a builder and always finding a set of plans laid out on our dining table, is where we would spend countless hours on behalf of his clients finessing and critiquing there planned new homes. Being a little obsessive, I could not leave things alone, this was my classroom, and my skills grew organically with him. Being a young stay at home mum for many years, I guess I found it all very stimulating and was even lucky enough to do most of his tech assignments along the way, I really had no choice but to pick things up along the way.

Describe your own personal style?

Too hard it is what it is, I would be no fuss if that is such a thing. I am quite a relaxed person and can be found wearing thongs, uggies, converses or gumboots, and on rare occasions dressing up might be a nice clean pair of boots.

Any tips you can give brides to be about styling their wedding?

Inspiration boards, either on Pinterest, Instagram or power point presentation if this seems more fitting. The key is imagery. The clearer you are from the very beginning, the better the entire process will be. Personally I find Pinterest amazing for this. I would start out listing 3 themes that I am attracted to. Then I would sit with my laptop each night or whenever I had a spare moment and scroll the web, dropping images into those 3 boards. I would also have another category for your dress, your hair, and odd things that grab you. After a month of filling your cup of ideas you would tend to be leaning to one of the themes, it would only be natural.

The next step would be to dump the other two themes, its time to commit. You need to now sort your chosen theme into smaller categories, i.e flowers, lighting, table deco, ceremony/arbour ideas and so on ……….. finessing your new category’s is a matter of culling. You need to make it very clear…..

When you think you are about 80% there, this is when you are ready to share with your stylist/coordinator. With there help and guidance you will be able to consolidate and sign off on what will be you perfect dream wedding.

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