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Kwintowski Photography

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phone  0412 381 663 (Andrew) 

phone  0431 270 646 (Alex)

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Tell me about Kwintowski Photography.

We are Andrew and Alex. Husband and Wife. We are members of the AIPP, which is the accreditation body for professional photographers in Australia. We treat our wedding couples as our friends, and never as our clients. That word is banned.

We love a good coffee and argue over which is better – latte or flat white. We are passionate about photography and about providing our couples with a beautiful wedding album that they will love. We're real and we are honest.


How would you describe your style?

We want to capture your day as honestly and beautifully as possible. Naturally that means we have a relaxed and unobtrusive approach and look for ways to frame the action before us in an interesting way. We collaborate with our wedding couples to tell a story that is personal and true.


How many weddings do you average per year?

We choose to only photograph 30 weddings each year. We believe in a personalised and hands on approach and want to devote as much time to our couples as they need.


Your company specializes in wedding photography. What is it like to capture such special moments for others?

Weddings are rife full of special moments and bursting with emotion. It is such a pleasure for us to be able to capture something that will evoke a positive feeling in people. We think that is our priority!

Why choose to specialize in wedding photography?

For the same reason as above. We get to spend our time doing what we love with people that are in love. Its win win.


Do you have an assistant/2nd shooter that accompanies you on wedding assignments?

Typically we are shooting weddings together. We don't have an assistant/2nd shooter. We are both there to photograph the wedding, we both have cameras, we're both professionals and we are there to frame the world in front of us. We share the responsibility of telling your wedding story and if one of us has an amazing idea, then we run with it – its very much a relationship based on trust.


Can you describe how and when you use flash, video light, reflectors and natural light during a wedding?

We are professional photographers. That means we use the tools at our disposal to capture our vision. Most weddings happen during the day so there is enough natural light for us to shoot without flash and keep our images true-to-life. If the lighting is poor, then we will use off camera flash or another light source to light up a scene ever so subtly. You won't see us dragging around a studio lighting setup or reflectors.


Where would be your dream destination wedding?

In our opinion, Byron Bay is one of the most beautiful places in the world, so every time we photograph in Byron we already are shooting at our dream destination! But we like to chase many dreams and would love to do a wedding somewhere in Europe in the snow, or the rolling hills of New Zealand...


What is your favourite recent image you have shot recently? Can you describe it's creation in regards to location, lighting, composition, camera settings etc, also your thoughts when creating the image and what it means to you?

Its hard to go past Jo and Jason's Amazing Storm photo which we recently took in Byron Bay itself. All that morning we were reading on twitter how incredibly wet conditions were in Brisbane, and we were just smiling from ear to ear about how lucky we were to have such perfect weather in Byron. When it was time for the location shoot, this massive storm just seamed to stir up out of nowhere and was heading straight for us at the light house. In a way it was the perfect storm as the sky just turned so dramatic. All we needed to do was ask our couple to stand by the railing and have a little cuddle and a chat which they had no problem complying with! The storm was the perfect softbox to the sun. The couple is slightly off-centre but in the foreground. The storm is centred but it is behind. Their carefree expressions taunt the storm as if to say – "Come what may, we have each other so we are not worried!"

Tell me about a unique, funny, or interesting experience you have had while photographing a wedding.

We've had an international couple organise a portrait shoot with us which also became a secret registry wedding which is still being kept under wraps from their employers. We had a really great session so I can't wait till they finally go public and we can put the pictures up on our blog!!


Describe your typical day at work.

We try to spread our workload fairly evenly across Checking & Replying to Emails, Processing and Editing Images, Designing Wedding Albums, Meeting with our Couples, Scouting Shoot Locations (even if we've shot there a hundred times before), Blogging, Meeting with Industry Professionals. Add a few coffee stops along the way and you have our typical work day!


What do you love the most about your job?

Creating beautiful images and listening to our couples just after they have seen their photo's for the first time. Nothing is more satisfying!



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